Sharona Duchne  at metropolitan Hotel

Adoption Wisdom – Would you like to be part of a meaningful project?

The Project

I adopted my son when he was six and a half years old.
We coped with many complicated challenges along the way.
There are about 16,000 adoptees, children and grownups in Israel.

Due to the experience gained thereby, I founded AdoptionWisdom.com
the virtual professional training center to support adoptive families in Israel.

The vision of this project is that every adoptive family will receive a "package" consisting of: a training program, literature and support.

The Future

Our main target is to launch digital online courses for:

  • Adoptive Parents
  • Adoptees
  • Biological Parents
  • Therapists

For this purpose we need sponsors, translation teams, convening places,
networking with experts overseas, advertising & media exposure.

Financial support 

The State of Israel is prepared to donate a matching sum. i.e.
Israel at present offers 70,00 N.Sh. on condition we receive the same amount from another source.

I will be very happy to receive an email from you
ChildAdoptionIsrael@gmail.com guiding me according
to your experience how  best to attain the project goals.

I pray that together we can continue to exert a beneficial influence throughout the world.

Sharona Duchne, Founder

Permission Form for Adoption Wisdom – Production & Distribution Training on the Internet & Media

ENG- Permission Form for AdoptionWisdom

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